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Load Testing

Another service that separates Lemke Industrial Machine LLC from our competition is our testing capabilities. For example, we have the ability to mount your gate hoist in our test fixture and replicate lift loads of up to 400,000 lbs. While most dam gates are 8 to 14 feet wide, the fixture will accommodate all styles of gate hoists up to 50 feet wide. The lift load can be applied to the chains/cables as the finished assembly is operated. Reserved lift capacity as well as lift and lower speeds can be validated. This will put all involved parties at ease, as the testing will confirm the system operates as designed. If a design issue is identified it can be corrected at our facilities before the product is shipped to the job site. Validating your design on our test fixture will save you money and provide peace of mind.

This same fixture can be used to test other components and assemblies. Contact us with your specific testing need.


White Paper: Gate Hoist Testing Methodology

Click here to read about our testing methodology used for the Lake Darling Dam Project.


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